To prevent abuse of our platform; Globe imposes some limits on its free plan.

Resource Limits#

We may scale some of these for the Free Plan based on feedback and we will also allow higher limits here on paid plans in the future.


On the Free Plan a limit of 1 million requests per month is in place.


On the Free Plan a uncached bandwidth limit of 10GB per month is in place.

Static assets that are cached on our edge network do not consume your bandwidth limit, but they do count towards your number of requests limit.

CPU Usage#

You cannot perform CPU heavy tasks for an extended period of time (determined by the current infrastructure load). Any requests that exceed the allotted CPU usage will be terminated.

Memory Usage#

Each container has a limited amount of memory available (128MB for the Free Plan). Performing ongoing memory-heavy tasks may result in the request being terminated.

Execution Time#

A single request is allowed to run for a maximum duration. If a request takes longer than the allowed duration, the request will be terminated.

For the Free Plan the maximum duration is currently 5 seconds or 10 seconds for CRON schedule executions.

Platform Limits#

File System#

You should only rely on the file system for temporary storage such as processing of files. Any files created during a request will be removed once the request is finished.


Usage of FFI (via dart:ffi) is not currently supported. We are working on providing this in the future.