The link command links a local Dart project to a Globe project. Linking is required to deploy a project to Globe.

Project linking is carried out automatically if the project is not yet linked when running the deploy command.


globe link

The link command will first prompt, asking whether you wish to continue linking the local project. If you continue, you will be further prompted to:

  1. Select an account you wish to link this local project to.
  2. Select, or create a new project to link this local project to.

Upon completion, the local project will be linked to your Globe account and you will be able to deploy it.

How it works#

A linked project stores metadata about the project in the local .dart_tool/dart_globe directory on your machine. This metadata is used to identify the project when deploying to Globe. If not already, the .dart_tool directory should not be committed to your Git repository. You can add this directory to your .gitignore file to ensure it is not committed.

If you accidentally delete this directory or run the unlink command, you will need to re-link the project before you can deploy again.