The deploy command allows you to deploy your Dart application to Globe directly from the command line.

If you have not yet linked a project, you will be prompted to do so before deploying.


To deploy a project, run the following command from your Dart project root directory.

globe deploy

The CLI will upload your project to Globe and trigger a new deployment. Upon success, you will provided a URL to view deployment progress on the Globe dashboard.

By default, deployments via the deploy command are treated as a preview deployment. This means that once deployed, the deployment will have its own unique URL generated by Globe. To deploy as a production deployment, append the --prod flag to the command.

globe deploy --prod

When successfully built, the deployment will be promoted to production and will be accessible via the project's primary domain(s).

You can learn more about preview and production deployments in the deployments documentation.

Build logs#

If you want to see realtime build logs for your deployment on the CLI, use the --logs flag:

globe deploy --logs


The command has flags (in addition to global flags) that can be used to modify the behavior of the command, which can be accessed by running globe deploy --<flag>:

  • --prod - Creates a deployment that will be promoted to production once built.
  • --logs - Streams build logs.