Deploy a Flutter Web Application

To get started, we're going to create a Flutter application and deploy Flutter Web to Globe. Globe has pre-configured build presets and it will be automatically detected and applied. If your application uses build_runner, then it will also automatically be detected and runs it during the building stage of the deployment.

Create a new Flutter project#

To create a basic Flutter application, in your terminal, run the following command where you'd like to create a project:

flutter create my_flutter_app
cd my_flutter_app


Deploying to Globe is simple; run the globe deploy command from your project root in the terminal:

globe deploy

The first time you deploy, you'll:

  1. Be prompted to continue with the setup of the deployment (press Y)
  2. Enter a name for your project: Enter: my-flutter-app

The CLI will show the following output:

Detected "Flutter" preset, would you like to use the default build settings? (Y/n)

Press Enter to accept these build settings.

After waiting for a couple of seconds, you'll be shown that your new deployment has been queued and be provided a unique URL for that deployment. You can visit this URL in your browser to view the build logs and deployment status. You can also use the build-logs command to view the logs directly from the CLI.

View your application#

Once complete, your deployment will be available via the URL shown in the dashboard. Each deployment has its own unique URL, with a domain. Click the URL and you'll visit your Flutter Web Application.

Flutter Web Application